Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to the Antigua Sea Turtle Project!

Sea turtles have roamed our seas for over 110 million years and nested on the Caribbean’s shores long before they were settled. Despite this, sea turtles have become extremely threatened in recent decades. In 2007, Antigua’s Environmental Awareness Group (Antigua’s primary Environmental NGO) launched the Antigua Sea Turtle Conservation Project, an effort to monitor and protect our own endangered turtle populations. The project has two major components: 1) identifying important turtle nesting sites and surveying local nesting populations; and 2) raising awareness of the importance of sea turtles and their coastal and marine habitats.

This blog has been created to spread the word about the work of this project and keep you up to date on our findings. For further information feel free to contact our Project Director and WIDECAST Country Coordinator, Mykl Clovis Fuller by email / Tel. (268) 720 6955. Thanks for joining us!

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congratulations. Keep up the good work.